Welcome To Funnel Brick Roads Review of The Infinity Code

The Infinity Code

The Infinity Code is the NEW way of selling on Amazon that takes advantage of the “blue ocean” of opportunity that has come about from the seismic shift in the way that Amazon works.

Over the past 6 months, there has been a MASSIVE shift in the way that Amazon operates
which has had an unimaginable impact on many Amazon sellers who were building their businesses
using outdated and incorrect methods.

With the change in approach from Amazon, the herd has thinned out and this has created a “blue ocean” of opportunity. It is now even easier to build a 6 or 7-figure Amazon business.

The Infinity Code is an entirely different approach to building an Amazon business. It is the NEW way of building a successful business leveraging the world’s biggest buyers’ engine.

In fact, it takes selling on Amazon to an entirely new level.

The Infinity Code’s core principals are simplicity and profitability… creating products
with an “edge” that you KNOW will sell from the outset.

The Infinity Code is about launching products with risk-free, low inventory launch methods.

The Infinity Code is about quickly achieving top organic rankings (like in the good ol’ days) and rescuing dead or struggling listings that people have given up on by quickly selling previously unsaleable stock, then turning the product into a subsequent best-seller.

The Infinity Code is about creating everlasting product brands that continue to dominate the marketplace and systematically become more profitable month after month.

But most importantly – The Infinity Code is about scaling from
ZERO to 5 figures per month, then 5-figures to 6 figures per month (and beyond) using only Amazon.

The Amazon opportunity is BIGGER than it has ever been. The creators of The Infinity Code have been involved with more than 200 physical products, selling over 500,000 individual units and generating revenues as high as $1 million dollars PER MONTH. They are in a unique position to teach you how to use our selling secrets to either build a new profitable Amazon business,
scale an existing business, or rescue a business that has been left to die and turn it
into a resounding success.

The Infinity Code